5 steps to write a blog post.


5 simple steps to write a blog post that inspires, don’t over-do your articles just keep neat, clear, and as direct as possible.

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What is my writing process for blog posts? 📝


I always wait until I am inspired to write about a certain topic. I never force myself. Otherwise, I feel like I lose time that could be invested better elsewhere. 🙉

1️⃣ Write a title, headings, and sub-headings
It is very important to have clear headings for blog posts! 👀

2️⃣ Write a first draft of the blog post

3️⃣ Add the images to the post
I always compress my images with a website like tinyjpg, it is very important that the size of the images is as little as possible so that the website loads fast.


4️⃣ Use Grammarly to fix my English mistakes

This might be the hardest part… It is very difficult sometimes to get content out there. You’re scared that you’ll be judged, you’re scared that your boss will see it, you’re scared of getting comments from people that don’t agree with you… anything!

connect your blog
connect your blog

Do you write blog posts? Where do you publish them?
Are you scared to publish them? 👀

Let me know if you have any blogging-related questions. I’m always happy to answer them!

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