About Me

Abdelillah Elhadry

I am a tourism professional who is passionate about web design and development, I have been willing to share what I have learned in this field for so long and I finally found enough motivation for it, what motivated me the most is that after few projects of my own and after helping some friends to start and succeed in their digital plans, i realized how happy that has made me, so i guess that was a sign for me to do more of what makes me happy, which is essentially helping other fellow humans and giving them room to mutually help me.


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My missions

I want you to be able to build a successful website or online store, enjoy building it and share with me your success story!

I also will do my best to provide the useful yet easy to use tools as well as learning ressources to make it easy for you. 

Our business model:

We monetize our website by using affiliate links. If you decide to buy a service/product through the links on this site, we may earn a commission.

If we help you find a service provider that you like, and you decide to sign up with them through our link, we get paid a referral fee. This does not affect the outcome of our rigorous testing processes.

Is there a way to support your work?

Of course, there is. If you have decided to sign up for a website builder, please use one of the links to get to the company’s website. Also, we’d love to receive a mention on your website once it’s completed.

Which website builder did you use to make this site?

DesignersGalaxy was originally built using Elementor as website builder on wordpress.


Feel free to contact requesting help, specific content, consultation for your site or simply a drink if you are anywhere near Morocco.