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Customer reviews plugins can help you build social proof and gain the trust of your visitors, which means more sales for your business.

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7 Best Customer Reviews Plugins for WordPress Compared (2021)

Are you looking for the best customer reviews plugins for WordPress?

Customer reviews plugins can help you build social proof and gain the trust of your visitors, which means more sales for your business.

In this article, we’ll share the best WordPress review plugins to help you easily add customer reviews to WordPress.

Best customer reviews plugins for WordPress compared
customer reviews plugins

Why Use a Customer Reviews Plugins for WordPress?

A customer reviews plugin makes it simple to add various sorts of audits to WordPress. WordPress.

For example, you can embed reviews from social media, let clients present their own surveys, add engaging product reviews, and more.

The alternative is doing all of these tasks manually.

However, the time spent gathering, overseeing, and organizing is better spent somewhere else. Furthermore, it is difficult to accomplish a similar degree of usefulness as a module, except if you’re a WordPress engineer.

Your WordPress theme might have built-in review features, like Divi or Elementor. However, most themes won’t have this out of the box.

Why are customer reviews important?

  • Reviews act as free advertising for your products and services
  • Can enhance your site’s appearance in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS)
  • Allows you to gather feedback to improve your products and services
  • Can highlight features or benefits you missed in your product copy
  • Positive reviews act as social proof

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress customer review plugins you can try.

1. Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon
customer reviews plugins

Smash Balloon is the best social media plugin for WordPress used by over 1.3 million WordPress sites. It gives you a way to add social media feeds to WordPress and display your social media reviews.

Smash Balloon is a collection of social media plugins, so you can decide which social media networks you want to add to WordPress.

For example, you can use the Custom Facebook Feed Reviews Extension to embed customer reviews from your Facebook page.

Smash Balloon Facebook customer reviews
customer reviews plugins

Or, if you have an engaged audience on Twitter, then you can use the Custom Twitter Feeds Pro plugin to embed reviews and testimonials.

You can easily filter your Twitter feed by displaying specific hashtags or using the advanced search feature to only show reviews about your company.

2. WPForms

customer reviews plugins

WPForms is the best WordPress form plugin in the market used by over 4 million WordPress sites.

With WPForms, you can create a simple customer review form that lets your customers send reviews directly to you.

The free version of the plugin lets you simply create a customer review form using the front-end drag and drop editor.

WP Forms drag and drop editor
customer reviews plugins

If you need more functionality, there are advanced addons available that will add features like testimonial functionality.

The Form Templates Pack addon includes a Testimonial Form Template.

WP Forms testimonial template
customer reviews plugins

With this you can create a testimonial form easily and modify the form template however you like.

You can also use WPForms to let users submit attachments with their review entries. For example, they can include a product image with their review or a headshot with their testimonial.

Another option is collecting user reviews and data by using the Survey and Polls addon. With this you can easily create survey forms with detailed reports of your user data.

3. WP Business Reviews

WP Business Reviews
customer reviews plugins

WP Business Reviews is an all-in-one WordPress plugin that lets you add Yelp, Facebook, and Google reviews to WordPress.

With this plugin, you can easily showcase your reviews from multiple platforms. You can choose to display reviews from all your platforms together or just one.

This helps local business owners improve social proof by bringing together reviews from platforms like Google My Business (formerly Google Places).

You can even set up the plugin to automatically add new reviews when they’re posted on other platforms.

WP Business Reviews carousel
customer reviews plugins

The additional filtering options let you hide negative reviews, add custom reviews you’ve collected from your site, and change the layout to suit your needs.


customer reviews plugins

AIOSEO is the best SEO plugin for WordPress in the market used by over 2 million WordPress websites.

This plugin lets you simply add product review schema to your posts and pages. Schema markup helps the search engines better understand and display your posts and review content.

Rich snippets are more likely to receive clicks in the search results:

AIOSEO schema search results

AIOSEO will automatically detect the right schema type based on your existing content.

You can also change the schema type and enter relevant schema information.

AIOSEO schema settings
customer reviews plugins

There is a free version of the plugin available, but you’ll need the pro version to select the schema type.

The right schema will enhance how your website looks in the search engines, which means more traffic for your WordPress blog.

5. WP Product Review Lite

WP Product Review Lite
customer reviews plugins

WP Product Review Lite is the best WordPress product review plugin. It’s easy to set up and comes with a detailed customization menu, so you can display your product reviews exactly how you want.

This makes it perfect for bloggers and those running review websites.

It’s very simple to add a product review using this plugin. When you’re writing a blog post, simply turn on the ‘Is this post a review’ toggle, and the plugin will enable the review custom post type.

This lets you highlight important product features, add pros and cons, slider or star ratings, images, and more, all from your WordPress post editor.

Plus, there are built in styling options like unlimited colors and typography choices, with no need to add custom CSS.

WP Product Review settings
customer reviews plugins

There’s also a review box widget that lets you add important review information to your sidebar. You can even let your visitors submit their own reviews and ratings in the comments.

The built-in rating system lets you decide how much a user review will influence the rating you’ve given the product.

6. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce
customer reviews plugins

The Customer Reviews for WooCommerce plugin lets you add more detailed customer reviews to your ecommerce store.

The goal of this plugin is to improve your online store social proof, so when visitors land on your product pages, they’re more likely to buy.

It has a built-in system to verify that reviews came from actual buyers. People who purchased the product will have a trust badge next to their names.

Customer reviews for WooCommerce reviews
customer reviews plugins

With this plugin, customers can attach pictures, vote on reviews, and add a question and answer section to your products (just like Amazon).

You can also enable automatic review reminders to improve the number of reviews on your products.

The premium version of the plugin lets you customize your review section, remove their branding, and change the default email address to your business email address.

7. Easy Testimonials

Easy Testimonials
customer reviews plugins

Easy Testimonials is a free plugin from that lets you showcase online reviews and testimonials across your WordPress website.

Once you’ve collected testimonials and reviews with a plugin like WPForms, you’ll want an easy way to add them to WordPress.

This user-friendly plugin lets you do just that. You can add reviews to your sidebar, widget section, or use the shortcode to embed your reviews into posts and pages.

Easy testimonials plugin review example
customer reviews plugins

You have full control over how your reviews display and the types of reviews you want to feature. For example, you can insert your entire list, display one at random, or even showcase them all in a slideshow.

There’s a collection of 25 different templates for displaying your reviews on your site.

You might have come across other customer reviews plugins like WP Review Pro by MyThemeShop, Taqyeem, and WP Customer Reviews. However, we kept the list short to make your plugin decision much easier.

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