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even if being a stay-at-home parent was a choice, that doesn’t mean the desire to work just disappears. And, with the growing number of work from home jobs and the ease of starting home businesses, it’s more possible than ever to work and care for children at the same time.

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Work from home After having children, priorities change as you figure out how your new addition fits into your life. Or, how your old life fits around your new addition.

work from home parentsss
work from home parents

It’s not unusual that one parent will hit pause on their full-time career to become a full-time caregiver.

But, even if being a stay-at-home parent was a choice, that doesn’t mean the desire to work just disappears. And, with the growing number of work from home jobs and the ease of starting home businesses, it’s more possible than ever to work and care for children at the same time.

In fact, one ecommerce store owner we spoke with spends all day at home with his son and has still managed to process over $200,000 worth of orders in the last 12 months.

Just a few years ago work from home jobs seemed exceptions to the norm. Now, with the magic of technology and a greater desire for a work/life balance, the number of employees working from home has shot up. In the US alone, over four million employees work from home at least half the time.

There’s never been a better time to lock down work from home jobs and many are managing just that by creating a home-based business

Creating Work from Home Jobs with a Home-Based Business

Even though there are plenty of work from home jobs, those with children sometimes need more flexibility. This is where building your own business could be an alternative.

work from home parents
work from home parents

And with the rise of ecommerce, starting a business is quicker and simpler than ever before.

In fact, it might even take less time to start your own business than it does for your kids to take a nap, or watch an episode of Sesame Street.

Starting your own business allows you the flexibility to fit everything around you and your family’s schedule – after all, being there for your kids is the whole reason you’re at home. You can start small, learning the ropes and sharpening your skill set before scaling up.

There are plenty of ecommerce work from home business ideas out there that enable you to balance your family and your career, and some are surprisingly easy to get started with.

Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Moms and Dads: Dropshipping

When you start thinking about the nuts and bolts of creating an online store, it can easily seem overwhelming.

work from home parents
work from home parents

But starting an online store through dropshipping is a whole different story – if you have the right tools.

Dropshipping is a business model that allows you to create an online store and sell products to customers. However, unlike a regular online store, you don’t need to buy, store, or ship the items that you’re selling. Instead, after you make a sale, you buy the item from a supplier, such as those on AliExpress, and it’s shipped directly to the customer.

All sounds pretty painless, right? That’s because it kind of is.

Dropshipping means you don’t have to pour money into buying and storing stock. And because dropshippers don’t have to spend so much money upfront, it’s an incredibly low-risk business model.

The store building process can be done in less than half an hour. Then, you can start building your brand, begin marketing your products, and start selling to customers. All without missing a beat on diaper duty.

Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Moms and Dads: Print on Demand

Print on demand is another type of business and is one of those work from home jobs that taps into your creativity.

work from home parents
Travailler à distance et occuper les enfants en même temps, voici un défi pour les parents pendant le confinement lié au coronavirus

Instead of choosing from items on AliExpress, print on demand involves selling your custom designs printed on mugs, t-shirts, and phone cases. When orders are made, the supplier ships the items with your designs straight to the customer.

The Shopify app store is full of apps that integrate with online stores to print, edit, and ship print on demand products.

Much like AliExpress dropshipping, print on demand is low risk, so it’s a good choice for a first-time business owner worried about sinking too much money into an experimental business.

However, print on demand requires a level of design skill to be able to create your product. If you already have these skills then this won’t take long. But if you don’t you’ll need to learn as you go, which will slow you down.

A good middle ground for those unsure about whether to commit to AliExpress dropshipping or print on demand is to try an online store with a mix of both.

This allows you to dabble in the world of print on demand, while also having items in your store that come from AliExpress, meaning you have a wider range of products overall.

If you’re interested in learning the pros and cons of print on demand vs dropshipping, watch our debate with Wholesale Ted where we conduct an honest analysis of the two business models.

Home Business for Moms and Dads: Creating Your Own Product

Ever spotted a gap in the market and thought up the perfect product?

work from home parents
work from home parents

Many of us have had these flashes of inspiration but they rarely get realized. So, if you’re serious about finding work from home jobs and business ideas for stay at home moms and dads, now could be the time to turn that idea into reality.

Developing a physical product and finding manufacturers and suppliers can take time and money, so you’ll want to do some market research before leaping in.

Make sure you know your niche and target market, any competitors you might have, and what your price point should be.

The next step is to work out your product design, start contacting manufacturers, and get prototypes made.

After that you’ll need to place your initial order. This can be difficult as you’ll need to have enough stock to keep up with your expected demand while also making sure you don’t end up with piles of unsold product.

Alternatively, you can also develop a downloadable product, such as patterns, planners, or courses. These still require good design and thought but might be easier to manage compared with dealing with manufacturers

From here you can start marketing your item and making sales. Selling your own product can be incredibly rewarding, especially because it’s your own creation. Sure, you’re already a parent but bringing a product to life will be like another, less dribbly baby.

The trade off is that it can be really hard work to get it to the point of being able to be sold – and then you’ve actually got to sell it and make money. But, if you have the idea and the motivation, anything is possible.

Home Business for Moms and Dads: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing came about as a way to keep advertising costs down for brands while also bringing in customers. It does this by offering an affiliate marketer a commission for referring customers to them. As a result the brand gets advertising but only pays for the customers those ads bring on.

Over the years affiliate marketing has become one of the more popular work from home jobs for those with an internet connection.

If you’ve ever read a blog that mentions a specific product or service and it includes a link to purchase it from a separate website, there’s a good chance the author is earning money through affiliate marketing. Or perhaps you’ve noticed YouTubers or Instagram accounts offering discounts for websites when you use a specific code. That’s affiliate marketing too.

Affiliate marketing can be a good way to earn money if you don’t have a product of your own because you can partner with brands to sell their items. The company’s product is being sold, the affiliate earns money by selling them, and the customer gets their item – everyone wins!

However, to be a successful affiliate marketer you need to capture wide audience to make a decent amount of money.

Building up traffic to direct to the brands you’ve partnered with can take time but like anything, it’s doable.

If you’re interested in starting a blog, doing things like guest posting and learning about search engine optimization (SEO) will help you produce content that gains trust and authority faster.

Starting a YouTube or Instagram account could also work – or harnessing one you already have.

Whichever approach you take, you’ll probably need time to build an audience before you can bring in any serious money. After all, people are unlikely to buy products you’re suggesting if they don’t know anything about you beforehand.

Having said that, once you’ve built up credibility, affiliate marketing could become a good money maker.

Work from Home Jobs: Stay-at-Home Parent Business Success

A hundred years ago “home business for ladies” used to mean taking care of the cooking and cleaning. But these days more and more stay-at-home moms are switching to mom entrepreneur mode and creating their own revenue streams. And the same is just as true for stay-at-home dads!

It was while she was a stay-at-home mom caring for her young son that Christy Cook first developed her learning kits.

With the idea of returning to 12 hour days at a marketing job unappealing, Christy started thinking of viable home-based business ideas that would allow her to spend time with her son as well as earn a living.

As it turned out, the quality time spent with her son would provide the inspiration for what would grow into her company, Teach My.

Keen on helping her son get the best start possible, Christy put together a box of flashcards, puzzles, books, and posters that she and her son called “Mama’s School.” They would sit together for 20 minutes a day to do the activities together.

Within a few months he knew his letters, by the age of three he could read.

With other parents understandably curious about how she’d managed to teach a three-year-old to read, Christy realized this could be a great opportunity. “So then I started thinking,” she says. “OK, I think there’s a bit of a gap for giving parents a really easy solution to use an all-in-one kit that teaches things that they need to know before they go to school.”

With a gap in the market identified, Christy worked on her product design and found a supplier to create her Teach My Toddler Kit. She had 1,000 kits produced initially and then heard something that really inspired her to success.

“I distinctly remember going and having a meeting with some established toy guys,” she says. “And they just said to me, ‘Oh well good luck with that. Don’t be disheartened if you have 900 of them left in your garage in a year’s time.’I was like, ‘No! I am not having 900 kits in my garage.’ So it spurred me on actually, to really get out there and really pound the pavement and make it work.”

More determined than ever to succeed, Christy started out at trade shows, selling 100 kits in three days. She then used that success to get her product in local toy stores before expanding nationally and internationally.

And, while all of this was happening she was still able to be there for her son. Having a home-based business meant she was able to work flexibly and she never felt guilty taking time away to be there for her son. “That was my main thing,” she says. “I really, really wanted the flexibility.”

These days Christy and Teach My have been helping parents and children for 12 years, selling far beyond that initial order of 1000 kits and expanding the range considerably.

After the success of her own company, Christy firmly believes work from home business ideas can flourish, especially if you’ve got a passion for it. Though she does add that, like any job, you still need to put the time in for an idea to succeed.

From a mom-son activity, to a company that sells internationally, Christy’s business success is testament to what happens when passion and drive meets a great idea. And she was able to do it while maintaining her ultimate goal – being at home for her son.

Ovidiu’s Year of Dropshipping

It was the discovery of dropshipping that enabled Ovidiu Sofron to stay at home with his young son while his wife returned to work.

After seeing an ad about dropshipping in 2018 Ovidiu decided to give it a go, encouraged by the low-risk investment of just $30. However, much like Christy, it was only after creating his Shopify store that he was really motivated to succeed thanks to some fighting words – this time from a loved one. “My wife told me my store sucked,” he says, before adding, “I got competitive.”

With those words burning in his ears, Ovidiu used skills he’d honed from his years working in the corporate world and got help with tasks he wasn’t confident on.

With his first anniversary as a dropshipper approaching, Ovidiu has used Oberlo to create five different stores that have made over $200,000 in combined sales – not a bad return on that initial $30 investment.

But for Ovidiu the joy of dropshipping success isn’t just the money, it’s the fact that it’s enabled him to spend so much quality time with his nearly four-year-old son. “The fun part for me is seeing him develop,” he says. “The first two and a half years of his life I got to see him, don’t get me wrong, but now I get to see him all day.”

With his wife working until early afternoon, Ovidiu and his son have quality time in the morning (“we read so much”) and the afternoon is left free for family activities.

Because his work schedule is so flexible there’s no need for babysitters, just occasional visits from the grandparents when Ovidiu and his wife need to run child-free errands. “Ninety-nine percent of the time I have him or my wife has him,” he says. “And that’s the best feeling in the world is that he’s not with strangers.”

When his son goes to bed, the main part of Ovidiu’s workday begins. He works around 30 hours a week but spreads it over seven days, instead of five, so he still has plenty of time for the family. And while he approaches his stores with business mindset, it’s also work that can be done on the laptop, so his office is totally portable.

So does he recommend that others try out work from home jobs like dropshipping? Absolutely, though he does make it clear that even if it can be done from the couch, it’s still a job. “That’s the greatest, biggest tip I can give,” he says. “If you are going to go in and do it, even with a kid, have that dedication. If you’re not putting in the time you’re not going to succeed.”

For Ovidiu, he knows what’s on the line if he doesn’t fit in his work. “I’m going to have to get a real job!” he says, laughing. Though it doesn’t seem like he’ll be slipping on his dropshipping businesses any time soon. “This job is way better than any other job I’ve had at any time in my life.”

Home Business for Moms and Dads: Conclusion

So there you have it, a bunch of ways to start a home based business for women (and men!) with kids at home that can actually make money. If you’ve been searching for work from home jobs hopefully these business ideas and stories of success will inspire you to finally take the next step. Like most things in life, these suggestions will take real work and dedication but just because you’re caring for your children when starting a business based at home, doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve big results.

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